A Mentoring & Coaching Program Specifically Geared towards Fivefold Ministers

A Completely different way of supporting the Fivefold Ministry

Hello, my Name is Jeanette Botha, and my passion is coming along those in ministry, supporting them, helping them and aligning them with God’s purpose in their lives.

A leader of leaders…

For the last 13 years, I’ve been training the Fivefold Ministry, and more and more I’ve seen the gaping holes where there is no help for those in ministry.

Being in ministry myself, a Pastor, leader, and minister I started experiencing the emptiness with no one to come alongside me, counsel me and help me in my own times of need.

The Lord used that to speak to my heart. To show me that this is my calling. To come alongside His ministers and help them. Encourage them, praying for them and even help them develop their own gifting’s through courses and practical projects.

When the Lord first called me to the ministry I realized that I just don’t fit into the normal training system. What they considered great, I just couldn’t face, and I began seeking for something and somewhere where I could fit in and be trained.

At that time I just knew that there needed to be something more than just head knowledge. A place where pastors can be refreshed and counselled. A place where they can come and sit at the feet of Jesus and be ministered to, instead of always being the ones that ministers to others.

Here Is What I Can Offer You So That You Can Walk Out Your Fivefold Ministry Calling

Ministry Training Materials That Are Totally Unique

  1. The materials that you will study were received as a result of revelation received directly from the Lord.
  2. All ministry training materials are based squarely on the Scriptures.
  3. Every principle taught has been proved by being lived out practically in real ministry experience.
  4. Since they were not taken from the writings of other Bible Teachers, you will not find these fivefold ministry materials anywhere else in the World

Fivefold Ministry Training That Affects More Than Your Mind

  1. These materials will go down deep into your spirit as you study them.
  2. You will literally LIVE each principle as you learn it.
  3. You will BECOME what God called you to be, even if there was no previous evidence of this ministry in you.
  4. As a result of additional mentoring you will move from not always knowing how to handle situations, to becoming confident and walking out your calling with passion, knowing who you are.

Other Student Benefits

  • You will be able to fellowship with other students on a special Student Fellowship Group
  • You will be able to get help directly from me via Personal Contact. Either phone calls, WhatsApp or email. There are also options where I travel to your congregation to minister to you and them both.

What Will Fivefold Ministry Coaching Cost Me?

You will need to pay a monthly fee of R600 to be enrolled in this program. The great part, if you’re married your spouse joins for FREE. No additional fee is required for them, and they receive exactly the same as you.

If you want me to travel to your congregation I ask that all expenses will be paid. That’s it! I will come and minister to your congregation at no extra cost to you, except that you take care of my needs and traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you an accredited school?
  • No, this is not a school, but a Fivefold Coaching Program.

  • What do you believe? Do you have a statement of faith?
  • You can find my Statement of Faith at the following web address:

  • When I complete the course, will I be put into full time ministry?
  • Since this is not an institution, I cannot ordain you with worldly standards, but will  pray and release for you as God leads.

I Am Ready To Start – Where Do I Begin?

How To Enroll As A Student

  • Pay the Monthly Fee and fill in the online form that will be mailed to you when you are ready to start this journey. You should enroll using the following application form:

  • How Soon Can I Start?

  • Once you have paid your Monthly fee (R600.00), you may begin your journey right away

Welcome to the Fivefold Ministry Coaching Program. I know that you are going to really enjoy being a mentee, and I’m looking forward to helping you reach your Fivefold Ministry goal…